Yorkshire Crisps Offers Nine Gluten-Free Options!

We now offer nine out of our ten delectable flavours of gourmet crisps as gluten-free options.

 In addition, our entire range of Yorkshire Popcorn is also gluten-free.

 When developing our range of crisps, we wanted to make them appealing as possible to a broad range of customers and including gluten-free options was important to us, along with vegetarian choices.

 We have now increased this commitment to improving the quality of our products. The only crisp flavour that contains gluten is the Black Pepper variety, but this will also soon be gluten-free.

 We produce Yorkshire Crisps from selected potatoes, all grown locally. They are sliced into hot sunflower oil where they are hand-fried for a few minutes then drizzled with totally natural flavours while they are still warm. None of the ingredients contain anything artificial or genetically modified.