Yorkshire Crisps – A Local Taste From Sheffield to Relish!

Here at The Yorkshire Crisp Company, we’re proud of our local heritage and one of our best-selling crisp flavours continues to be Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce – developed from the iconic Henderson’s Relish – a local delicacy.

Back in 1885, Henry Henderson gave the people of Sheffield their first taste of his unique relish.  Still proudly made in Sheffield today to the original secret vegetarian recipe and within half a mile of the original premises, succeeding generations have loved it ever since.

We worked closely with Henderson’s to develop this popular flavour and give the distinctive taste of Henderson’s Relish to Yorkshire’s favourite hand-crafted crisps.

And these aren’t just ordinary crisps - we select perfect, locally-grown potatoes and slices them into hot sunflower oil where they are hand-fried for a few minutes then drizzled with the totally natural flavours whilst still warm. With 11 flavours to our range, there’s a choice for everyone, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

These moreish crisps come in a unique re-sealable 100g drum which is great for sharing at picnics and parties. In addition to the drums, they are also available in 40g single bags and 150g sharing bags in selected flavours.