Filey Sculpture Chosen As Heritage Image for Yorkshire Crisps

A 12ft high steel sculpture of a fisherman which stands on Filey’s Coble Landing, has been chosen by us as the heritage image for the packaging of our brand new flavour of Yorkshire Crisps.

The sculpture which is entitled ‘A High Tide In Short Wellies’ is the creation of Ray Lonsdale and was designed to be a comment on the need to look after the fish stocks. There is also a poem at the base of the statue which reads:

That's it for me I'll see you later,

Gonna wrap this catch in protective paper,

Gonna face the sea with a thousand mile stare,

And wish that I was floating there,

In its summertime.


Down on the pier I saw a man with a board,

It read 'the end is near accept your Lord'

Then underneath this a fisherman wrote,

'I can see the end from the back of my boat',

This is wintertime. 


The sculpture was first displayed for several weeks in Whitby and then went to Filey on loan where it was purchased in 2012 as a generous gift to the people of the town by philanthropic pensioner, Maureen Robinson, of Scarborough.


Said Tim Wheatley of The Yorkshire Crisp Company, which is based in Sheffield: “Each of our crisp flavours features a different iconic heritage image from somewhere in Yorkshire printed in mono on the packaging. This particular image which was photographed by Karen Turner, was very appropriate for our brand new flavour, Oyster, Chilli & Lemon, which is our take on the seaside favourite - fish and chips.”


Our deliciously moreish Yorkshire Crisps are produced from locally-grown potatoes with totally natural flavourings and are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives as well as MSG and GM ingredients.



Said Ray Lonsdale: “I am so flattered that an image of this piece is being used by Yorkshire Crisps and that it is accepted to be worthy of its links to Yorkshire and fishing.”