The Yorkshire Crisp Company, which produces hand-made gourmet crisps made from carefully selected local Yorkshire-grown potatoes and totally natural flavours, has announced an exciting new flavour to join its range.

The brand new taste sensation launched this summer under their new ‘Gourmet Range’ is ‘Italian Summer Truffle’. The Yorkshire Crisp Company has partnered with Sacchi Tartufi in Italy and co-developed a bespoke truffle seasoning lovingly made from Italian summer truffle.

The search for excellence begins with the scrupulous selection of truffles originating from a territory with an ideal microclimate. Acqualagna, in Gola del Furlo, between Urbino and Pesara is one of the few areas in Italy where this precious fruit can be collected all year long. Said Tim Wheatley of The Yorkshire Crisp Company: “We are very excited to announce The Yorkshire Crisp Company and Sacchi Tartufi partnership to develop our Italian Summer Truffle gourmet crisp with provenance. “The delicious flavour will be the first to join our new Gourmet Range.”

Produced from carefully selected potatoes grown on the Yorkshire Wolds, the crisps are expertly hand cooked in small batches in hot sunflower oil for a few minutes then seasoned with 100% natural flavourings whilst still warm. Suitable for vegans and gluten free, the new Italian Summer Truffle flavour will soon have you dreaming of Italy. The deliciously moreish flavour is available in a unique, re-sealable 100g drum which protects these hand-cooked, gourmet crisps from getting crushed, keeps them fresh and looks very stylish in a room, gift basket or hamper. Yorkshire Crisps are available from most major supermarkets in Yorkshire as well as many independent retailers throughout the UK. You can also order online from our website. Twelve drums of your choice of flavours and mix of Yorkshire Crisps and Yorkshire Popcorn for just £29 including delivery!

For further information contact The Yorkshire Crisp Company on 01909 774411 or visit